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Using videos in your presentations is great. People may not catch what you want to say even if you repeat it thousands of times but a short simple video may do more than your wasted efforts.

So don’t look at the PowerPoint presentation through fingers, it may speak instead of you. Very often people underestimate the tremendous impact of videos on the society but it is scientifically proved that they may even induce people to suicide.

Images say a thousand words, videos say a million

So an appropriate video in your PowerPoint presentation is an influential means to attract and interact with your audience. Video can be a great start and/or ending to a presentation.

So when you are asked to make a presentation, thoroughly think about the choice of video. As far as a video can be a powerful tool both in the beginning and at the end, be very selective when placing a video in your presentation.

The wide variety of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube etc are always ready to help you. While other people wonder getting more and more Facebook likes or twitter followers for their pages, you may just find YouTube videos with a huge amount of YouTube views and use them.
You may even be based on the comments of the videos they also give some true information about the content, quality etc.

You may also find the video search for in mass library of the site as far as you look for applicable video appropriate to your topic.

Adding YouTube videos within PowerPoint is wonderful and this ability has developed into various versions till now. However, its newest version PowerPoint 2012 makes the task much easier. So it’s high time to get acquainted with the tips of using YouTube videos in PowerPoint.

So the first step that you are usually expected to do is providing the embed code. But there is no need to worry and fall in panic. It is as easy as one plus one. You just should follow the steps one by one.

1.First you should open the YouTube video which you have already chosen and which is relevant to your taste and topic, and from there you should copy the embed code.

2.After you have opened the video, click on the Use Old Embed Code  option

3.So the next step persists to copy the embed code which you see in the box above the options.

4.Then you should come back to your PowerPoint and insert another slide for your YouTube video

5.So after that you should click on the Insert tab which is on the Ribbon and follow it by clicking down arrow on Movie which is in the Media group.

6.Then click on the Video from website , then there will appear a box

7.So next you should paste the embed code in the box, which we have previously copied.

8.And the last step is Inserting in order to complete the insertion of the video.

And finally, after all these steps on your slide there will appear a black box. Don’t be surprised! It is the placeholder of your YouTube video. As soon as you post your presentation in Show mode the measurements of the placeholder decide the viewing area of your video. But its size is not limited and you can easily change the size of the box just clicking and dragging. Moreover, you may use the Size set which is located on the Format ribbon. This option will enable you to change the width and height of it.

To sum up, I would like to remind you once more that the presence of video in your presentation is very helpful. It is highly appreciated especially by university lecturers and students who are full of dull and long lectures and theoretical materials, so in this case a well-made video may be a cold shower for the whole lecture room. And the other advantage of a video is that it creates an illusion of presence and while watching the video you become more involved in that material, and want to know more about it. So if you agree with the points mentioned here then let your friends know about it as well.

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