Create A Undeletable Folder In Windows Using CMD

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You can’t even dream the capabilities of CMD, it is no less than Linux terminal. In my previous posts i have discussed ways to Super hide a folder, Lock a folder, Hiding Documents behind Images and many more tricks all using CMD. Encrypting or locking a folder cannot protect it from being deleted. even if the intruder is using a guest account he can easily gain access to your administrator account and delete your important folders,
so what can you do save yourself that trouble? there are two ways-

1- Read Inside Tech Tricks regularly

2- go through the tutorial below

In this post i will tell you a simple trick which much similar to creating a folder named CON in windows. All you need to do is just

open your command prompt window either using “superkey+R” or by the long way as you wish. once you have the command prompt screen before you just specify the location where you want to create the folder by using the cd command.

example- for opening command prompt in the desktop directory type cd desktop and press enter.
So now have command prompt open where you want to create the undeletable folder, type the below command and press enter


for better understanding here is the above command with spaces

m d \ l p t 1 \ \

but don’t use spaces while giving the command (it might not work) they are just for your better understanding.

The above command will create a folder named lpt1 in the directory you specified earlier. you can name you folder anything from lpt1 to lpt9 

Whenever you or anyone else tries to delete it with the traditional method it show you a error like the one in the picture below

Don’t think that this undeletable folder can’t be deleted at all, it can be deleted but not the normal way. you need to put it the same efforts in deleting which you put while creating it. i.e. you need to use command prompt to delete it.
To delete the folder, open CMD in the same directory the folder you created resides and just simple replace md by rd

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