Test Your Antivirus- Is It Working Fine?

Security threats are common in today’s digital era, computer viruses are a major concern.

just for your general knowledge, do you know that the first computer virus was a boot sector virus made by two pakistani brothers, Basit and Amjad Farooq.

since then viruses are developing every day, every minute and every second. keeping up with those crazy minded virus programmers antivirus companies also have to run with the same pace.

Do you trust your antivirus? are you sure that it is working fine?. answering these questions is simple, if your antivirus is detecting viruses it is working.

no its not that simple, from my personal experience here is a story-

A year before, when I wasn’t blogging i was a lot attracted to Need For Speed games and i used to play them all day, one day I bought a DVD of NFS Most Wanted and copied the game to my hard drive just to have a backup of the game in case I lost the DVD.

those days i was using Avast antivirus and to my surprise it’s real time protection detected a virus in the “autorun.exe” of my game files and deleted it. later when i detected i found out that my antivirus isn’t working properly because my friend who was using kaspersky (which I believe is better than Avast), it worked fine on his computer.

my motive is not to defame the company, but it actually happened with me. so how can you check that your antivirus is working fine so that you don’t lose your data because of some stupid virus or antivirus problems.
there is a simple solution to this problem, just open notepad and copy the following text


and save it with any name but dont forget to give it “.bat” or “.exe” format (ex. “anyname.bat” or “anyname.exe”) if your antivirus program immediately detects this file as a harmful software then  it means it is working fine.

Your antivirus will detect it as a harmful software

don’t worry about it

it is fine as this test virus was developed by the European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research (EICAR) to provide an easy (and safe!) way to test whether your anti-virus software is working.

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