Secret E-mail, Retrieve Any Yahoo Account Password

Believe me this is worth posting here because the below trick is scam and should not be practised by anyone,you are not fool to e-mail your own password to anyone even the email service you are using.

The reason i am posting it is I want to create a sense of awareness among people about these types of email scams.

Because a few months earlier I received same kind of scam email but I was saved because I knew about these tricks as I have been in the field of Hacking also.

Below is the sample of a popular yahoo scam trick.

Every email service has a standard procedure to recover email address password but yahoo has a unique hidden way which very less people know.

Using this you can retrieve any user account password with just sending an e-mail to the yahoo secret email id. All you have to do is just follow the instruction and you may succeed. All you require is any other working yahoo account which is at least 30 days old (otherwise this trick might not work) and the email id of which the password has to be retrieved.

#1  Login to yahoo mail from your working yahoo account and compose an e-mail to

[[ omitted ]]

#2  in the subject line, type exactly-

password retrieve

#3  On the first line of your e-mail body type the e-mail address of the person whose password you want to retrieve
#4  On the second line, type the e-mail address you are using (logged in with)
#5  On the third line type in your password (your own password with which you logged in)
Send it, all the process is totally carried out by an automated server
No one is so stupid to send his own password to anyone, Are you?

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