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Inside Tech Tricks is an internet tips and tricks blog made to make the people aware about the hidden world of internet and computers, our aim is to provide people the tools to make their simple home PC and their way of computing more powerful and fun, not only the softwares we give you details on latest useful hardwares available in the market.

Today there are more than 255 million websites on the internet and you cant get them all with a google search, there are some unknown yet very useful websites about which very less people know, my blog will take you on a journey covering all this stuff about computers and internet.

Blogging is not a one way street, any successful blogger needs to have proper interaction with his readers and know their demands, My readers are encouraged to contact me anytime about anything they want should be posted by me. If you are also a blogger, as a freelancer you can write for my blog too. all you need is to e-mail me your article with your photograph and a few lines about you with your contact info.
What’s the use of my blog when i post something new and my readers are facing problem with that, Me and my team are always there to help you out. you can get your problem solved by leaving a comment on the Tech Support Page or on the post which you find a bit difficult or tricky. If you don’t want your problem to be discussed openly with all others you can e-mail me your problem. I promise you whatever your problem is it will be solved within 24 hours of asking.
and if you want hacking stuff then i would like to say search for my other blogs on hacking. beacuse this blog is hack free. in my blogger profile you can get the list of my other blogs.

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